Depending upon your advertising experience the word Campaign might sound like a big expensive undertaking, which for large companies it can be. A Campaign can be as simple as having your named mentioned on our radio program and showing you banner on our website. Your ads can be setup to start and stop between two dates that you choose.

Radio:  We can help you build an effective campaign on the radio to talk about your new product, location, or service.  Do you have an interesting story?  One of our hosts can create an 30 to 60 min show around the subject.  We will work with you to develop the content. On radio interviews let you have more opportunity to showcase your knowledge, wisdom and experience on various issues because you have enough time for discussion
Web:  We can serve the ads from our server for no additional serving or bandwidth charges. Your ad can run on a particular section of our web site or on all the pages of the web site.
We serve the following ad types


Full Banner

These are some basic ad types we serve if you have another ad size or type in your campaign please contact us to discuss implementation and pricing. We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel detracts from our site or is not in keeping with our family friendly atmosphere. We do not accept pornographic, adult, smoking, drinking, hate, violence, bigotry or other subject matter that society considers offensive. 

We serve the following media types
 gif image
 jpg image
 png image
 rich media
 mov quicktime
 rpm real media
 swf flash
If you interested in conducting a Campaign on our web site our radio program please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  

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