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Dr. Asaad Taha

Asaad Taha is a leading Social Impact Entrepreneur and Senior Principle Adviser with multi-sectoral expertise on the continuum of social impact programs—from the strategic level to front-line delivery.

His background shows a quality education in multidisciplinary fields and 14-plus years in health, development, and management. In-the-trenches experiences have built his reputation in systems thinking and development, program design and execution, results-based monitoring and management, and implementation and oversight of donor and government-funded programs.

Andres Delgado

Host: Victor deLeon
Andres Delgado is FLARE’s founder and CEO. He previously founded Forza Designs, which made manufactured accessories for home entertainment systems. Delgado sold Forza in early 2019 after building a strategic partnership with Microsoft. He also has nearly a decade in real estate sales. He holds a BA from Towson University and a MA from American University.

FLARE Technology and Services was founded in 2019. It’s mission is to build accessible and sustainable transportation systems. The company has provided electric vehicle shuttle service in south Arlington since September, and is currently building partnerships to connect area residents with local amenities and transit options. Workforce development and technology development are also among the company’s guiding principles.

Dr. Steve Bennett

Director, Global Government Practice SAS
As the Global Government Practice lead, Steve Bennett is passionate about helping governments around the world put their data to work for the citizens they serve. In his current role, he drives strategic industry positioning and messaging in global government markets. A thought leader in decision science and the application of analytics in government, Steve works to ensure that analytics solutions at SAS deliver maximum value for governments around the world.
Prior to SAS, Steve held a number of leadership positions during his 12 years in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Following the events of September 11th 2001, Steve led the design and application of quantitative analysis to inform some of the United States’ most challenging security decisions, most recently as the Director of the National Biosurveillance Integration Center.
Over the course of his career in Government, he led numerous efforts to provide analytic decision support to senior officials in the White House and across the U.S. Government. Steve is relentless in his commitment to helping governments improve decision making, and pursues better organization, management, and use of data as critical to that endeavor.
Steve holds a doctorate in Computational Biochemistry from Stanford, as well as undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Caltech, and has authored a number of publications. When not supporting improved analytics in government, he is coaching youth soccer, leading children’s ministry at church, or building something in his workshop.

Al Naqvi

Al is a familiar voice to those who listen to The Workforce Show. An educator, an author, a consultant on Artificial Intelligence.

He'll have guests who are using A.I. in their work and who will share their experiences in a roundtable discussion.

Today we interview Al to learn more about his show and the types of programs you can expect. Listen to his interview with us a year ago.

Chris Kubecka

Hosts Jeremy Haas and Olga Polischuk Cyber
An International Cyber Expert

- Started off as a teenage Hack
- Started with Aramco helping them recover from a nation-state attack
- Author of several books
- Great career advice

Chris is the founder and CEO of HypaSec. Previously, Chris headed the Information Protection Group, network operations, security operations and joint-international intelligence team for the Aramco family. Helping to recover Aramco from a nation-state attack to implement digital security and reconnect international business operations. Responsible for all digital IT and ICS assets throughout the EMEA region (minu s KSA) and Latin America. Subsequently, establishing and assisting global digital security teams, standards, security driven legal contracts for secure software development with third parties, the Aramco EU/UK Privacy group with internal and external council and computer emergency response teams. Chris has practical and strategic hands-on experience in several cyber warfare incidents. USAF Space Command, detecting and helping to halt the July 2009 Second Wave attacks from the DPKR against South Korea and helping to recover and reestablish international business operations after the world’s most devastating cyber warfare attack, Shamoon in 2012. Expert advisor and panelist for several governments and parliaments. Author of several books, offensive security trainer, digital security course creator, recognized expert in several digital security fields including IT/IOT/ICS SCADA space, maritime, aviation, oil & gas, electric, water and nuclear. You can read more about Chris' on Wikipedia about her work:

Victor deLeon

Luis Borunda

What does it take to be an advocate for education--whether apprenticeships or college. Where does he see the future of work heading and how will workforce challenges be addressed?

This and other topics are discussed with Luis Borunda ,who among his many accomplishments, was the U.S. Hispanic Youth Entrepreneur program to address education drop out rates of Hispanic youth.

In addition to leading five divisions of the Secretary's office he is active in the Maryland Hispanic Business Conference.

Jeremy Haas and Olga Polishchuk

Nakul Munjal

-The Story Behind Cyber

Nakul Munjal has worked in the cybersecurity industry since 2003. In 2006, he administered the first computer-based bar exam in the country. In 2009, as part of the founding team for IBM Security Systems in New York, he helped multiple Wall Street banks, insurance companies and rating agencies navigate new cybersecurity requirements resulting from the 2008 financial crisis.

He is regarded as a subject matter expert in Identity and Access Management technologies, where he was an executive covering North America and Latin America for Micro Focus. Nakul began Status Identity after observing Chief Security Officers often struggle with inconvenient security controls that cause productivity losses in their organizations. With increasingly stringent cybersecurity policies through GDPR, NYDFS, FISMA and others; this problem was compounding. Nakul is passionate about reducing the security burden on individuals while preserving their privacy and digital rights. He believes that the distribution of personal data must be limited; and can be effectively used to empower users.

Nakul holds a Bachelors in Biology and Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA with Honors from Babson College

Bianca Costa David

CIO/Director of Systems and Data Division

Bianca works for the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) as head of the sub -cabinet office, Office of Systems and Data, responsible for assuring that all systems work at HHS including electronic health records ,

Inter-operability of legacy systems, new systems and state of the art applications in IT make her job challenging, But before entering public service she wanted to be a lawyer.

She has been with HHS for 9 years during which she has seen a dramatic growth in new products, solutions and systems which require a broad background in IT. Prior to HHS she owed with FEMA for 5 years.

Learn about her career in government, her enthusiastic volunteer work in organizations that benefit the community--and especially women. And hear what her recommendations for growing a career in IT.

Some links to Bianca's sites:
Women of God Network (nonprofit)

Travel Blog

Cindy Gurne, In My View

Asaad Taha

Asaad is a leading Social Impact Entrepreneur and Senior Principle Adviser with multisectoral expertise on the continuum of social impact programs—from the strategic level to frontline delivery. He has a special interest in the Health Science. His background shows a quality education in multidisciplinary fields and 14-plus years in health, development, and management. In-the-trenches experiences have built his reputation in systems thinking and development, program design and execution, results-based monitoring and management, and implementation and oversight of donor and government-funded programs.

Asaad’s record includes working engagement with national and global agencies, institutions, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations (CBOs), as well as:
• The Department for International Development (DFID)
• United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
• Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GFATM)
• United States Department of State (DoS)
• United Nations Department for International Department

Charles Britt, Your Future in Tech

Danny Huston

Part 2
Danny Huston is an IT Cloud Architect with 9 years experience in the IT industry. He works for a small cloud services start-up company called Ampsight where he is the lead DevOps and Cloud engineer for their government customer. He has held many jobs in the IT industry including Desktop Support, Network Analyst, Linux Systems Administrator, and Automation Engineer. Danny is a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a B.S. in Applied Physics.

Olga Polishchuk and Jeremy Haas, TWFS Cyber

Terry Gudaitis, Ph.D.

Dr. Terry Gudaitis is the Director of the Intelligence Analysis Program in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society. Dr. Gudaitis is the Owner/CEO of Mindstar Security & Profiling, LLC which specializes in custom cyber security, physical security, and risk management solutions for Family Offices, high net worth persons, and their families. Terry started her career as a CIA operations officer and behavioral profiler at the Counterterrorism Center. She left government service to pursue the expansion of profiling techniques as they applied to hackers and Internet/social media users for the commercial sector. Prior to forming her own firm, Terry was the Vice President and Cyber Intelligence Director at Cyveillance, held senior positions at SAIC, Psynapse Technologies LLC and Global Integrity Corporation.

In addition to her corporate related work, Terry is on the Advisory Board of Mi3 Security, SocialTrendly, and TechnoSecurity; has served on the United States Secret Service Advisory Board for Insider Threat; trained investigators at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; and, regularly presents at national and international conferences. Terry is also a featured speaker at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. She has published numerous journal articles and her most current book publications include Social Engineering – Low Tech Hacking (2011) and Deception in the Digital Age which was released in August 2017.

Cindy Gurne In My View

Cheryl A. Oldham

Cheryl is the senior vice president of the Center for Education and Workforce at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Through events, publications, and policy initiatives—and drawing upon the Chamber’s extensive network of members—the education and workforce program connects the best minds in American business with the most innovative thinkers in education and training, helping them work together to preserve the strength of America’s greatest economic resource, its workforce.

Oldham has 20 years of experience in public policy development and implementation as well as in project management and government relations. Her previous experience includes serving for 8 years in President George W. Bush’s administration. In July 2008, the president designated Oldham as acting assistant secretary for postsecondary education while also serving as chief of staff to the under secretary of education. As chief of staff, Oldham was the senior adviser on policy and strategy and oversaw the coordination of the programs and policies for which the office was responsible. These included vocational and adult education, postsecondary education, and federal student aid.

Host: Swathi Young, Breaking the AI Code

Nisha Iyer—Data Science

Nisha has multiple years of professional experience in the data science field and has led data science teams at Booz Allen Hamilton and at Discovery Communications. She has built algorithms for marketing purposes and has shaped data-driven decision making across companies. She is currently leading the technical team at Data Society, as the Director of Data Science. She manages all content creation for their clients interested in training and also leads technical projects on the consulting side. She is passionate about spreading data literacy across industries."

Swathi Young, Cracking the AI Code

Dr. Beju Rao, PhD

Dr. Rao has 30 years of experience in implementing data science, machine learning, and AI software, services and solutions in Digital, Retail, Risk, Compliance, R&D, IT, Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Sales.

He is known for his ability to influence governmental and organizational executives and senior management to identify and implement data and information change management.

He practices consultative approach involving situation assessment, precise needs identification, organizational readiness preparation, and information-based strategies.

He enabled numerous agencies and enterprises to reap innovative and significant business benefits. He founded Amruta Inc with a vision to expand and spread the benefits to contemporary organizations.

He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, with minors in Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics.

Host: Victor deLeon, TWFS (Public Sector)

Joanna Harvey—Digital Innovator

Joanna Harvey, a native of southern California, started her career in 2007 as a digital production assistant for MTV Online. She excelled so much in digital media that she quickly served as the lead strategist for clients such as Jason Carter for Governor, Lindt & Sprungli, eOne Films. She also worked with several high-profile Latino nonprofit organizations, including the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispanic IT Executive Council. Today she is the CEO of Laurus Digital, a strategic digital media consulting firm that she founded in 2013.

Andrew Stanley, VP Product and Waliyah Johnson , Sr. Civic Tech Fellow at Phone2Action

Phone2Action—Non-profit fund raising

Andrew Stanley, VP Product at Phone2Action: Senior technology executive, chief of product, and manager of teams with an exceptional track record for leadership and results in the creation and delivery of high quality software products. Proven ability to partner with senior leadership, develop and execute a vision, remove obstacles, and guide cross-functional teams to the finish line. Skilled communicator with a natural ability to break down complex concepts and ideas to their simplest elements. Expert at defining, illustrating, and articulating a product and technology vision to a wide audience, including Executive Management, customers, prospects, and employees.

Waliyah Johnson , Sr. Civic Tech Fellow at Phone2Action: Waliyah Johnson is a rising junior at the University of Rochester double majoring in African American Studies and Anthropology with a minor in Journalism. On campus she is the President of the Women’s Leadership Alliance, the Minority Affairs Liaison for Student Government, the Corresponding Secretary for the Pi Beta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. and is in the process of creating a Pre Law Association on her college campus.

HOST: Victor deLeon, TheWorkforceShow-Public Sector

Kirsten Boogard and Stephanie Harrison

Kirsten M. Boogaard
Kirsten M. Boogaard is a flight operations engineer at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. In her current role on the X-57 Maxwell all-electric X-plane, Boogaard serves as the Deputy Operations Engineering Lead, providing sound engineering to ensure airworthiness throughout planning, integration, and eventually flight of the X-57.

Boogaard joined NASA as an intern through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Teacher and Researcher (STAR) Program at Cal Poly with the Flight Opportunities Program in the summers of 2012 and 2013. She was hired in 2013 as an operations engineer with Jacobs Engineering and joined as a NASA employee in 2015 as an engineer and the STEM engagement lead in the Office of Education until transferring back to the flight operations engineering branch in 2016.

Stephanie J. Harrison
Stephanie J. Harrison is a systems engineer at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. In her current role on the Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory (CLARREO) Pathfinder Project, Harrison provides systems engineering rigor and technical excellence throughout development, integration, and operations of the CLARREO Pathfinder Reflected Solar Payload on the International Space Station.
Harrison joined NASA as an intern through the Langley Aerospace Research Student Scholars (LARSS) Program with opportunities in the Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch and Systems Engineering and Engineering Methods Branch from 2011 – 2013.

Dolly Oberoi, CEO of C2Technologies

Dolly Oberoi is the Founder and CEO of C 2  Technologies, a Technology, Online learning/training, Simulation & Modeling, Analytics and IT, firm, established in 1989. C 2  serves Defense, Aerospace, Civilian and Commercial clients worldwide.

As a pioneer in online education, thought-leader, innovator, and an entrepreneur, Ms. Oberoi has dedicated her company's mission to improve human performance. Her pioneering work in helping organizations transition from the traditional chalkboard to electronic learning environment and developing transformative enterprise-wide learning and talent management solutions.

As an entrepreneur, served the industry with distinction in the areas of online education, modeling, simulation, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, and human capital management completing more than 12,000 projects for 120 plus clients, employing 500 employees in more than 22 locations globally, and winning over 150 industry awards including GovCon entrepreneur of the Year and E&Y.


David Baker

Virginia Tech’s Innovation Center
Deputy Director Government and Community Relations What the Center means for Amazon and the economy His start in working with technology companies He lead's Virginia Tech's engagement with community stakeholders to develop the new InnovationCampus in Alexandria, Virginia. At scale, the Innovation Campus will enroll 750 master’s degree candidates and train hundreds of doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. The university plans to hire dozens of newfaculty members who will drive research, partnerships and investment in the region. \ He worked with CGI, NVTC and other companies to prepare for this assignment. Graduate of Mary Washington College.

Jeremy Haas and Olga Polischuk

Bryson is the Founder of SCYTHE, a start-up building a next generation attack emulation platform, and GRIMM, a boutique cybersecurity consultancy, and Co-Founder of the ICS Village, a non-profit advancing awareness of industrial control system security. He is a National Security Institute Fellow. Prior, Bryson led an elite offensive capabilities development group. As a U.S. Army Officer, Bryson was a tank commander and led a tactical communications platoon. He served as a Battle Captain and Brigade Engineering Officer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom before leaving the Army as a Captain. Bryson received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with honors from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of Maryland, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Florida, and completed graduate studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas.

Cindy Gurne, In my view

Femi Adelakun and Theo Goetemann

Contributing to a more efficient city

Femi Adelakun is a Co-CEO and Co-Founder of City78. Femi oversees urban analysis, geospatial analyses and development of urban economic development tools.

Theo Goetemann is a Co-CEO and Co-Founder of City78. Prior to City78, Theo has worked in the data journalism and open data fields. His work has been featured in CityLab, National Journal, and the Network Science Initiative, and often employs data-driven and narrative analysis methods to understand virtual communities and how they inform the physical world.


City78's Experience Driven Geospatial Engagement (E.D.G.E.) methodology is at the forefront of the smart city movement, weaving forward thinking urban planning practices with artificial intelligence and community data to provide decision makers with unparalleled insights into location-specific consumer behavior.

E.D.G.E. empowers decision makers to identify urban needs and develop solutions that realize urban competitive advantage and quality of life for all.

Swathi Young, Cracking the AI Code

Mallesh Murugesan

AI Technologies
Mallesh Murugesan, Founder and CEO of Abeyon, a boutique technology firm that is focused on Artificial Intelligence specifically in the Natural Language Processing space. Under his leadership, Abeyon has been working on several advanced AI technologies including Text Analysis, Category Management, Information extraction and more. Abeyon was recently recognized as a 2018 Government Innovations Award winner among defense projects for implementing a “Best in Class” machine learning tool for the Navy’s Military Sealift Command (MSC). Mallesh has a Masters in Information Systems from George Mason and an MBA from University of Maryland, College Park

Cindy Gurne, In My View

Christopher Bruno

Prior to joining the City of Fairfax, Director Bruno served as Agency Counsel for the New York City Department of Small Business Services. At SBS, Director Bruno was responsible for working with the City’s network of over 70 business improvement districts, and for coordinating the legal components of the commercial revitalization programs as part of the City’s community development block grant program administration. Additionally, from 2012-2014 Director Bruno served as a senior member of the Avenue NYC team and played an integral role in the City’s response to Hurricane Sandy by forming two community based development organizations in the hardest hit commercial areas of New York City. Director Bruno holds an undergraduate degree in history and a master’s degree in political science from Fordham University in New York. He obtained his juris doctor degree from New York Law School and is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

Aaron Burciaga

Alex Mingo & Mark Manzanares

Mark Manzanares serves as a SAP Developer for a large army client on their sustainment team. Currently, he is working to pivot to analytics and working to be a Certified Analytics Professional. Together with his 5 years of combined knowledge as an analyst, he will dive head-first into clients' issues, bringing solutions of integrity to help make this world a better place.

Alex Mingo is a consultant who has spent the last 4 years building and delivering analytical applications to a wide variety of businesses. With a technical and liberal arts background, he has spent the better part of his professional career bridging the gap between business and technical issues faced by organizations, and leading the development of solutions meant to improve them.

Jeremy Haas and Olga Polischuk The Workforce Show, Cyber Edition

Terry Roberts

Founder and CEO Whitehawk Inc Cybersecurity Exchange

We are driven to stop online crime and fraud in its tracks. And we know that starts with enabling all of us to take smart action today: for our companies, for our family offices, for ourselves. With Terry Roberts' (CEO) and Luis Cruz Rivera's (Co-Founder and Senior Technology Advisor) technical approach, we're delivering an innovative, collaborative, and agile e-commerce ecosystem; The WhiteHawk Exchange.

At WhiteHawk we drive to enable small and midsize businesses globally to take immediate action to protect their company and customers against low to mid-level cyber crime, fraud, and disruption. We use machine learning and cyber know to help you discover, learn, receive immediate online matches to top solutions, find insights, affordable vendor products and services, or chat with smart cyber advisors in real-time, so you can own your cyber risk and success story.

Swathi Young

David Ihrie

CTO, Center for Innovative Technology

Mr. Ihrie has over 35 years industry experience as a direct innovator in the fields of satellite and terrestrial communication, computing, and information science, and has been a principal in seven startup companies. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Ihrie has helped build four national scale business accelerators for the Intelligence Community, for DHS, and in the areas of cybersecurity and smart cities. Currently he is leading the Virginia Smart Communities Initiatives, and along with CIT Broadband is helping bring this new generation of capability to all Virginians.

Mr. Ihrie has a Master of Science degree in Business from MIT, specializing in the Management of Technological Innovation, and a B.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science.

Cindy Gurne, In My View

Paul Stimers

Mr. Stimers focuses his policy advocacy efforts on matters related to emerging technologies, such as commercial spaceflight, IT, nanotechnology, and water technology, and advises a wide range of companies and industry associations in pursuing legislation and representing their interests before Congress and federal agencies.

As policy counsel to several major commercial spaceflight companies and the leading industry association for commercial spaceflight, Paul has been active in helping the industry grow quickly and safely, while continuing to support a strong role for NASA in space exploration.

Jennifer Taylor

Sara Decker

Sara Decker joined Walmart in May 2017 and currently serves as the Director of Federal Government Affairs at Walmart handling all energy, transportation, and commerce policy issues. Previously, Decker served as Legislative Director for Senator Marco Rubio. Decker joined Rubio’s office in February 2011 as a Legislative Assistant for energy, environment, agriculture and trade legislative policy. She then served as a Professional Staff Member on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation, handling Rubio's legislative portfolio as Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and Coast Guard. Decker was promoted to Legislative Director with Senator Rubio in December 2014 and worked in Senator Rubio’s office until joining Walmart. Prior to joining Rubio's office, Decker served as a Legislative Assistant to retired Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ) doing energy, environment, agricultural, and transportation policy and as a Legislative Aide to the late Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Decker currently serves on the board of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute as well as the board of the Women in High Tech Coalition.

Cindy Gurne

Victor De Leon

Víctor de León is the Branch Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Office of the Commissioner at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, Mr. de León serves as the principal liaison to the Commissioner and senior CBP leadership on state and local matters regarding statewide-elected officials, including governors, mayors, and county officials, as well as the national associations that represent them. Further, he provides guidance on strategic engagement opportunities and helps to forge consensus on critical issues involving travel and trade, border security, and countering terrorism and transnational crime.

Prior to CBP, he served in a similar role for the Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and worked with four Secretaries.

Victor earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from UT – San Antonio; a Certificate in Arabic and Cultural Immersion from Mohammed V. University – Morocco, Africa; and a Master’s in Public Administration from UT – Rio Grande Valley.

Cindy Gurne

Bill Albright

Born in Los Angeles, California, Bill Albright is a retired human resource executive who spent 40 ears working in the field for two leading high-tech, systems engineering organization. He also worked for a short time as a research associate for one of these firms. While he worked in many of the areas that make up the human resources arena, he specialized in quality of work life, diversity, health, and employee engagement.

He is the recipient of numerous award including the Black Engineer of the Year for Diversity Leadership Award, the National GEM Consortium Employer Member of the Year Award, and the HR Leadership Award of the Greater Washington, DC area.

He is a graduate of the University of Redlands where he received a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, and of the California State University, Dominquez Hills, where he earned an MBA.

Albright also wrote and published a book entitle The Pearl of East Texas, a biography of his mother Mattie Pearl Albright, available on Amazon.

If interested in Voice Over: Bill Albright,

Cindy Gurne

Olga Polishchuk and Jeremy Hess

Olga Polishchuk is a security and intelligence professional with over a decade of experience in corporate security, open source intelligence, threat & risk assessments, and a wide array of physical and information security investigations. Olga serves as the Senior Director in the Threat Analysis and Investigations Unit at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, focusing on tactical investigations, threat assessments, and strategic intelligence. In her current position, she acutely focuses on expanding clients’ understanding of the potential and emerging threats and aids in real-time operational and strategic decisions.

Jeremy Haas is the Chief Security Officer at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, a cybersecurity company that operationalizes threat intelligence and delivers unified threat protection solutions against sophisticated cyber attacks to global enterprises and government agencies. Mr. Haas leads LookingGlass’ internal cybersecurity program; the threat research team’s collection, threat actor engagement, and analysis activities; and contributes subject matter expertise to customers and the development of products that conduct advanced threat detection and mitigation.

Charles Britt

David Hunn

David A. Hunn is the President and CEO of the SkillSource Group, Inc. and the Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board (Workforce Area #11), a business-led regional workforce initiative representing the counties of Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William and the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park. This workforce region is comprised of over 1.9 million residents and tens of thousands of businesses and is one of most dynamic and growing regional economies in the United States.

Prior to joining the NVWDB, Mr. Hunn was the founding Director of the Northern Virginia Regional Partnership, a public-private partnership specifically focused on developing a world-class technology workforce throughout the Northern Virginia region. Earlier, Mr. Hunn served for ten years in several career senior human service and workforce development agency positions with Fairfax County, Virginia government. Before joining Fairfax County, Mr. Hunn was a budget examiner and appropriations analyst at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget from 1982-1987. He entered Federal Service as a Presidential Management Intern in 1980. He holds a B.A. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from California State University, East Bay (Hayward).

Aaron Burciaga

Dan Hudson

Dan is transitioning into his new role as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Analytics Officer for ReefPoint Group, LLC. Before this, Dan worked as a Reliability Engineer and Risk Analyst for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC). In addition to developing probabilistic risk models to identify and prioritize potential risk management strategies, Dan worked to enhance the USNRC’s use of quantitative and qualitative analyses to inform regulatory and policy decisions. As a part-time Senior Decision Scientist for Innovative Decisions, Inc. (IDI), Dan also applied machine learning techniques to insider threat detection problems under the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Scientific advances to Continuous Insider Threat Evaluation (SCITE) Program. Dan served for more than ten years on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces—first as an enlisted Marine, and then as a Navy Diver and Submarine Warfare Officer. Dan is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) and is Certified in Public Health (CPH). Dan earned a B.S. degree with distinction in Aerospace Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, an M.S. degree in Reliability Engineering from the University of Maryland, and a Ph.D. degree in Health Policy and Management from the Johns Hopkins University.