The Workforce Show

The Workforce Show brings you stories of men and women who are doing something extraordinary to make their careers meaningful. You will hear tales of failures, successes and a desire to ultimately be the best they can be whether a head of a corporation, entrepreneur or someone whose profession drives them to a purposeful life.

Cynthia Gurne

Host of the Workforce Show

Director, CareerCentralonLine and Executive Producer of The Workforce Show.

Cynthia has been in the field of workforce and human resource development for over thirty years. Working with organizations in the public, private, education and not for profit sectors, she has designed recruiting, training and career development programs.

She began her career working with the US Army in Korea and Germany as a director within the special services military support group. Since that time she has worked as a director , consultant and program manager of several programs in the field of recruiting and career development for such organizations as CDW, ADECCO, Cable and Wireless and EPA

Her graduate degree is with George Washington University, M. Ed. Adult Development/Education.

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Brendan Freehart

Brendan Freehart

Host of The Avocado Toast Show

The show introduces new faces making an impact in technology, business, and government.

Brendan Freehart is a Data Scientist at All Traffic Solutions, a cloud-based traffic management company. He uses data and product leadership to mine insights and make traffic smarter. Brendan started in data science after graduating from The George Washington University. Brendan has led engagements involving deep analysis of sales and marketing activity to spot opportunities for predictive inference. Brendan has lived in Washington, DC since 2006. Outside of work, Brendan eats, travels, and is active in his community.

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Camille Stewart

Camille Stewart

Host of Science and Technology

Camille Stewart is a cyber, technology, and intellectual property attorney passionate about making the tech space inclusive of all education, ethnic, sex, geographic and professional backgrounds. Camille has dedicated her career to blending her love for tech with her love for the law. Camille’s substantial business, legal and policy experience brings a unique cross-cutting perspective to bear on complex technology, cyber, privacy, national security, and foreign policy issues. Having served in the Obama Administration and the private sector, Camille has leveraged these experiences to opening doors for underrepresented groups. This includes founding a legal consultancy and startup incubator, MarqueLaw, PLLC, and the blog and serving as Chair of Women in Technology Young Professionals. Camille is excited to use this platform to highlight STEM and Tech -related careers and amplify the work others are doing in STEM and tech!!

Connect with Camille at or on Twitter @CamilleEsq.

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